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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 30, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. president trump delivers his first first state of the union address promising a new era of prosperity in america. good evening thank you for joining us i'm dan ashley. >> and deon lima for amma daetz. in mention was made of the ongoing russian investigation. the president focus ds on bipartisanship. >> more from capitol hill. >> good evening, dan.
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the economy seemed to dominae the speech but he also discussed threats to national security including north korea and said that he in fact might be keeping open guantanamo bay. >> the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. >> in his first state of the union address president trump focused on the economy and his signature legislative victory tax reform. >> this in fact is our new american moment. there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. >> the white house promised an uplifting unifying speech from president trump. o cf1 o >> i call upon all of us to set aside our differences and to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. >> some on the left expressed skepticism on the call for unity. >> this administration isn't just targeting the law that is
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protect us. they're targeting the very idea that we are allworthy of protection. >> several democrats boycotted the speech others wore african textile in protest to the president's comments about africa. and many female democrats wore black and recy stickers in solidarity with the me too movement. but bipartisanship will be needed to pass immigration reform. >> in vital reform is necessary not just our our economy but for our security and future of america. >> congress only has a week and a half to come could consensus on t daca before time runs out on the resolution to fund the government. and if the you a applause serves as any indication president trump faces an uphill battle in some strict opposition from several democrats and seen members of his own party to some of the proposals, including immigration reform. reporting from the capitol, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you for. for the full transcript of the address head to the website we have a fact check there on more. >> developing news in richmond where a fire is causing unhealthy air quality tonight. the fire broke out at sims metal management on fourth street. you're looking at a map that shows shelter in place for residents. abc 7 news reporter kate larson has the latest. >> we're outside the metal management and you can see the fire department is busy behind me. they're inside the scrap metal facility where anterior 5:00 old junked up cars started to burn. at this time the cause of the fire is under investigation. they're trying to get it under control. you can see thick black smoke coming off the fire. and drifting across the neighborhood. i'm told by the fire department this type of smoke is very unhealthy. unsafe to breathe. that's why we are wearing masks here. we're told neighborhoods in the surrounding area are asked to shelter in place, close windows and doors, stay inside, so that
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they doegt breathe this unhealthy air. we know the fire department is busy dealing with this fire. but we're waiting to learn more about it and we're be bringing you the latest tonight here at and at 11:00 at abc 7 news. to southern california now three people were killed after a helicopter crashed into a home in newport beach. two others were hurt. the robinson r-44 helicopter went down a mile southwest of john wayne airport at 2:00 this afternoon. the helicopter seats four people. one person on the ground was involved. but it's unclear if that person is among the dead or injured. new details now on the ballet teacher accused of sexually assaulting a child. 54-year-old teacher is due in court tomorrow. the contra costa county district attorney's office charged him with 22 felony could you tell us involving sexual miskwukt a minor. the teacher worked all over the bay area. authorities say the charges are in connection with an incident in contra costa county.
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today san jose police said an armed woman shot by officers had threatened suicide to 911 dispatchers prior to the encounter. sky 7 was over the home of the 55-year-old on feller avenue in east san jose. yesterday afternoon abc 7 learned she was mourning the death of her elderly mother and son and house mate from years earlier. san jose police say she intended to shoot officers who responded. >> crisis intervention training is not the panacea. especially in light when someone threatens officers via the 911 call and steps out and points a shotgun at one of my officers, the options are limited. >> she suffered a non-life threatening wound and faces felony charges. the department, the district attorney and the independent police he had o audio or are investigating. >> zoos are supposed to be save
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for zms but the happy hollow zoo is no shock that four popular attractions were killed by a pack of vicious dogs. david louie has more. >> the first attack happened at night when the zoo was closed where a minimum tour stallion named sweet william was killed. a pack of three dogs. >> these dogs appeared to be on a mission. you know what's disturbing about this is that it appears that they were looking for food. >> five nights later the same dogs render and dug under a steel fence where they malled to death three female miniature horses stockpile girl in front and lunaen. a donkey. the city-owned facility moved the horses and donkey to a saver compound to with a six foot fence. there was no protection from digging under thes pens. all five animals were popular attractions for thousands of young visitors. staff attachment was strong. the deaths left deep scars.
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>> the donkey was born here. i was there when she was born. and luna too and cayenne as well. >> the two dogs shepherd mixers were aggressor. >> we have two dogs in custody. and pending identification of their owners, they will be euthanized. >> animal control officers are on the lookout for the third dog. thoughts haven't turned yet to replacing the horse and donkey but security upgrades are under way. >> we continue to do everything we can to ensure that nothing lake this happens again. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. well right now residents in san jose are debating the fate of the christopher columbus statue that stands inside city hall. abc 7 news was at the city council chambers where people share opinions with lawmakers. a group of activists called the brown ber ets blames columbus
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for genocide and wants the statue removed. members of san jose's italian american community want it to remain in city hall. we are monitoring the comments and a vote is possible tonight. we'll keep you posted we'll have an 11:00 on channel 7. today san francisco supervisors held the second and final vote to rename dlum bus day to indigenous people's day. abc 7 news was outside san francisco city hall where iflten americans protested the decision. they're upset that the votes were made without public comment from either the italian or native american communities. only one supervisor voted against the proposal that's erin peskin who is driskt includes the italian north beach neighborhood. >> happening now some people are getting ready to spend the night on you "uss hornet" in alameda in preparation for the super blue blood moon. abc is news is onboard. others will be rafrg between
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three and four in the morning to claim their spots for viewing. with that let's get tos drew tuma with more on this pretty rare sight in a few hours. >> the moon up now. we have good viewing conditions at the moment. life look outside. equally as clear out in emeryville. not a cloud from this point. future weather showing you getting into early morning hours of wednesday by 5:00 not widespread for long patchy in the delta that's about it. really good conditions overnight to see the superblue blood moon. look towards the western horizon, the eclipse begins shortly before 4:00 in the morning but the maximum eclipse where the moon will actually have a reddish tint to it is at about 5:29 in the morning. then the partial eclipse ends shortly after 7 in the morning. of course abc mornings will air is live on aaron channel 7 starting at 4:30. if you take pictures use the hashtag abc 7 i'd layoff to see
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them >> thanks very much. more to come here drama in washington. the bitter fight over a classified republican memo involving the russia probe. >> plus the san francisco mayor picks his successor on the board of supervisors. the appointment was widely praised but why some say a double standard. >> can peacocks
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an elementary school teacher faces accusations of abusing one of his students in san francisco's mission district. 47-year-old andres tobar on leave from marshall elementary school. the school district says he was seen holding a student over the edge of a second floor balcony back in december. his supporters say he was rough housing. >> the san francisco district attorney has launched a new effort to replace the hall of justice. george gascon asked for funds to rebimd. the i woulds was declared seismically unsafe in 1992. in addition the letter states
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hall of justice is plaeged by rodent, sewage floods, gascon posted this video last january showing sewage dripping in the building. >> by fema if there were a earthquake during working hours in san francisco there could be as many as 100 casualties in the building. it's unconscionable to do business there. >> they're moving occupants out excluding court personnel. many signed the letter. mark farrell picked his successor on the board of supervisors. kathryn stephanie, a veteran at city hall. the appointment was widely praised but some are critical of her political ambitions. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has more. >> i kag rein steph. >> interim mayor mark farrell wasted no time picking his successor to the board of supervisors, a position he vacated when he was elected by his peers last week to the city
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as top job. >> kathryn has been a fierce advocate for gun control laws and work with moms demand action. a national leader i know she will carry forward. >> stephanie has been county clerk since 2016. prior to that the former prosecutor worked as farrell's legislative aide. >> i know the job. i know my community. and i know the issues. i know how city hall works. and i am able to hit the ground running. >> in the crowd, oakland mayor libby shaf, a long-term friend and supervisor he is praise the the appointment. >> it's a delightful choice i can't wait to work would hadder. >> we have somebody ready to do the job for the is it zblee exactly what stephanie did. only horsepower later she was at the board meeting and she announced her candidacy for supervisor in november's election. >> and do you have any plans to run for supervisor? >> i do.
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i will be running. >> but supervisor malia cohen and members of the progressive alliance believe farrell should have appointed a caretaker supervisor, the same position farrell has as interim mayor. farrell is not running for mayor. so there is no incumbent in the mayoral race. >> my question was was where is is that in that same stubble doubled standard exists. >>s stephanie is married with two children she will be the incumbent in the elections. vic lee, abc 7 news. a state senator from san jose is calling for a formally audit of california's high-speed rail project. democrat jim bell and fresno republican jim paterson are seeking authorization for that audit after the projected cost of one segment rose by nearly $3 billion. that segment runs through the central valley. california's plan to billed the high-speed rail from los angeles to san francisco is now estimated to cost more than $65
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billion. >> okay. and in our weather situation break out the short sleeves. >> no kidding. sounds like -- or feels like spring out there. our meteorologist dw tuma with the forecast. >> today temperatures into the 60s if not the low 70s. well above average for this time of the year. and as we head throughout the week the numbers are going to gradually get warmer and near record levels are possible heading into the weekend. it's get being very warm around here. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing very fair skies out there right now. the cloud cover is not with us tonight. and that means we have really good viewing of stars out there tonight. in fact we show you the picture you see the beautiful look. a live look from our exploratorium camera atop pier 15 showing plenty of stars out there. great visibility for the super blue blood moon that will be happening early tomorrow morning.
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partly what's happening we're having a total lunar eclipse early tomorrow morning mp what that does when the earth moves between the moon and sun it gives the moon a bit of a reddish tint color. that's what you see in the night sky early tomorrow morning. best time to see that is added about 5:29 a.m. set the alarms. if you take a picture of it, please use the hashtag abc 7 now we would love eye us the pictures on air and online. it's going to be a very cool sight in our night sky something we won't see for a few years from now. temperaturewise, as we had the numbers in the 60s and 70s earlier today, the numbers have been gradual to fall. we have warm winds out there. we're in the upper 40s to mid-50s right now. 48 the current number in novato. oakland at 52. still at 57 in san francisco. that's about the typical average afternoon high for this time of year. 58 in san jose.
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49 in is a san ramon. here is the call from accuweather overnight tonight we see the numbers gradually fall. our coldest spots will probably drop to the mid-and upper history. many spots in the north bay settle there. around the immediate bay waters you could see the numbers really hold in the low 40s. 44 in san francisco overnight tonight. 41 the low in oakland. 43 in san jose. 40 in antioch. ment mainly clear skies. a little bit of fog developing right in the delta. could have patchy fog in the north bay. but otherwise conditions very nice to see tsd moon tomorrow morning. the 12 hour planner on the wednesday at sunrise at 7:15 in the morning if you get out early tomorrow morning the winter jackets nighttimed upper 30s to lower 40s. a lot of sunshine threw the day wednesday. really effective at warming up by 4:00 in the afternoon. we're calling it winter warmth around there. a lot of 60s across the coast and inland. wouldn't be surprised if spots tomorrow inland get close to 70
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degrees. by 7:00 a nice evening at hand with temperatures in the 50s. highs on wednesday, 63 in san francisco. a high of 66 in san jose. that's 8 to 10 degrees above normal. 66 in santa rosa. about 64 in antioch. and 63 in half moon bay. the accuweather plans the next seven days for you. the the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning early. best time at 5:29 a.m. february warmth continues thursday into friday entering the new month. the weekend look at that. beach weather like spring with the warm effort spots to the mid-if not upper sefrts. 5:29 best time to see the moon. >> thanks, drew. when we return the prominent tech entrepreneur weighing in on the effects of social media and our children. >> and getting ready for the big game. game. the massive amounts
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apple is under investigation over its slowing down of older iphone model. maybe this happened to you. . the department of justice as well as the security and exchange existing are looking to whether any laws were broken here. apple admitted late last year to the software updates on older phone that is slowed down the phone. the company said by slowing down performance it would preserve battery life. consumers have already taken action, filing numerous class action lawsuit against apple. and influential group of health advocates is calling on facebook to pull app app aimed at children off the market. they say the messenger kids appear app is a it hazard to mental health. and they facebook is err responsible. >> we need to discourage kids from using this starter product. this is essentially like candy cigarettes. this is a starter product to get them hooked on social media
9:25 pm
leading to more scrn time. >> facebook is designed the ssenger kidd rowe kidding to help parents around children kmat in a safe way and focused on making the app be the best experience for familie. sales force ceo mark bennioff rts did not sign the letter but he believes change should be made mp smoking drinking too much and spending too much time on social media none are good for you. and definitely not good for kids. social media is virtually unregulated while cigarettes and alcohol are subject to stringent just ahead a political battle over a secret republican memo. >> it puts the department of justice in the cross hairs. the question now will the public get to see it. >> strength in numbers, a local women's group speaking out against a sexual harassment -- speaking out about sexual harassment and a well-known beau chef. >> also here new details on the alert sending more than 1 million hawaiians into a panic. officials first said the wrong officials first said the wrong button was pushed but you now baby boomers,
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. drama playing out over classified memo that reportedly alleges misconductpy top officials at the justice department. >> it was written by the staff of house intelligence committee chairmans devin nunes a fierce defender of the presidenten and fierce critic of the russian investigation. >> the memo will be made public in five days nlgs the president objects. mry bruce has more. >> reporter: tonight the future of the classified republican memo is now in the president's hands. republicans argue it exposes political bias at the fbi that may have tainted the early stages of the russia investigation. republicans on the house intelligence committee in an
9:30 pm
unprecedented move voted to release it. >> there may have been malfeasance by people at the fbi it's our job in conducting transparent oversight of the executive branch to get to the bottom of that. >> the memo was written by the staff of republican intelligence committee chairman devin nuns, one of the president's top allies according to the "new york times" it claims the justice department acted inappropriately when getting a surveillance warrant for former trump campaign adviser carter page who they suspected could be a he shall rayen agent. the request to renew the warrant made by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, the man overseas the russia investigation. trumps supporters say it calls into question the sbeg of the russia probe. >> this makes watergate like stealing a snikers bar from a drug store. >> but democrats it's say it's a political hit job. and accuse the republicans of cherry picking intelligence. >> this puts the political interests above the national
9:31 pm
interest. >> democrats produced their own memo with their side of the story. but republicans say they need more time to review it before it can be released. >> why not release all of the information at the same time do a bipartisan process. >> yeah, we think the republican memo does that we'll treat the democrat memo the same way. >> the justice department originally said releasing the memo without the review would be extraordinarily reckless. now the fbi director has seen it. but isn't commenting. and the man behind the memo gop chairman nunes he is not commenting either. >> eye i'm just addressing any comments outside the committee. we don't talk committee business in the hallway. >> wreel we're told the president wants the memo made public. but not before white house lawyers have had a chance to carefully review it. we're told the president still has not read it. if he does not make a decision? the next four days, this memo will be released. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. abc news learned special
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counsel robert mueller is now seeking to interview the man who quit as spokeman for president trump's legal team. mark coral o left the team in july a abruptly. partially because he was concerned, sources saysome sop in the president's camp were looking to unearth negative about mueller. he resigned less than two weeks after news broke of the trump twer meeting vofgt trump tower junior and a graup of russians. mueller wants to find out exactly what he knows about the misleading statement about the meeting which the president helped write from air force 1. >> we are learning more about the follows missile lamar in hawaii. in reality it was a drill. but it turns out the worker thought it was real. here is abc news report margaret an radmann it's. >> this is not a drill. >> tonight the worker who sent more than 1 million hawaiians into a panic with the warning that a ballistic missile was headed there fired.
9:33 pm
terrified residents running for shelter. a father dropping a daughter down a manhole for protection. emergency management initially blaming the worker for pushing the wrong button. but investigators say he believed there was a missile heading for hawaii. the klosle mistakes began wlae a supervisor conducted a no notice ballistic missile defense drill. . the supervisor plays a recording over the phone which says "exercise, exercise, exercise. but also includes the language, this is not a drill. while five others listening on speaker understand it was an exercise, the investigators say that worker thinks it is real sending the alert. he froze. and another employee had to take over his responsibilities. >> so for 38 minutes the panic continues until they finally send the all clear.
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mart abc. >> haley barbour was raritiesed after going true a airport security checkpoint with a loaded gun on january 2en. he says he forgot he was carrying the gun which he put in the brief case after an assist removed it from his car days earlier. he says he will pay the fine ppt fine for having a loaded firearm at a airport checkpoint starts at monster $3,900. the tsa found a record number of guns in carry ons at screening checkpoints. they found more than 3,900 firearms across the country. a small fraction of the more than 771 million screen add tsa checkpoints. none of the bay area airports made the top ten where gun ys discovered. >> a bill to protect young athletes from abuse is headed to the president's tevfik. the it requires governing bodies from amateur athletes to
9:35 pm
promptly report abuse claims to law enforcement. it was unanimously passed by the senate today. feinstein spoke about the legislation in a news conference this morning with other senators and former team usa gichltists. >> the bill extends the statute of limitations. so it doesn't begin to run -- this is significant- it doesn begin to run until victims realize they've been abused. >> the bill will bielgts victims to statutory damages of $150,000 as well as punitive damages. the legislation comes just days after sports doctor larry nassar sentenced up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing more than 150 women and girls over 25 years time. well nine women stepped into the spotlight and appeared on camera the first time today. all accusing star oakland chef charlie halwell of skaul harassment.
9:36 pm
our reporter was there. >> we have experienced harassment. inequality and oppression. >> all of these women spoke what have they call disgusting and lewd comments being the norm at chef charlie halwell's three restaurants. >> in charlie's restaurant to survive was to avoid him. we would escape to other rooms when we entered the restaurant. warn new female eye hires about his handsy ways. >> he create add work environment where women ee vaflted and judged by bodies and appearance. for close to 13 years now. >> the women danded that halwell immediately divest himself of ownership in the restaurants saying a leave of absence was not acceptable. the attorneys responded immediately at a conference. >> he acknowledged his behavior was inappropriate. is working on ways to correct that. >> halwell is on a six-month leave of absence and a new
9:37 pm
female chief operating officer has been hired to oversee the restaurants. seven managers at one restaurant resigned after the allegations surfaced last month. >> there is an opportunity to change things. charlie is committed to seizing it and he as a lot of support to do that. >> 150 employees currently work at the three restaurants. >> 309s signed a letter supporting him. 5 a have spoken with vfrgt investigators. as of nowow lawsuits have been filed in in oaklan leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. all right when we return, the big game isn't an excuse to big out. >> it's not, right. >> it's not, right. well healthy food swaps for
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well it is a busy time for grocery stores certainly as people across the country prepare for super bowl parties. >> now the national chicken
9:41 pm
council estimate fans will eat more than 1.35 billion chicken wings over the course of the weekend alone process.that's a t year. >> that's a lot. the council says 75 petros of wings from from restaurants on food service outlet and 235% from grocery stores. the number of restaurants with the word wings in the snam has grown 18% since 2014. >> i'm not surprised. some of you might be wondering if there is a healthier way to enjoy the big game. >> abc news reporter serena mafrm has ideas you might like. >> patriots, eagle and the day the avocado growers look forward to. the super bowl. the is this with chips and cookie and soda. there is a more wing strategy. the average american consumes 2,400 calories during a super bowl party. an entire day's worth of food. what's the smart play? one trick, swapping buffalo for
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chicken wings. as much tease but less saturated fat. it's the sauce you're after anyway. have the scrimmage with friends before the big game and eat fruit about of an hour before kick-off. a little physical activity and fiber can go a long way in bluning cravings later. a flag on the play keep track of the alcohol you drink. it cuts the calories. lastly, don't forget the saturday pregame making health healthy chase choices the day before can even out the damage done on sunday. game on. with this medical minute, certain aire marshall abc news. >> i don't know if you can swap apple for wings. >> i don't know. new assistance for a new beginning. >> how sonoma county is helping
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starting today, new help is available for victims of the north bay wildfires. sonoma county will be opening a new office to help owners of burned homes get to the actual rebuilding sooner. here is abc news reporter wade freedman. >> before the hammers and nails and new construction replacing what has burned down. >> now serving 172. >> here is the part of the building process that everyone dreads, applying for a permit and waiting. >> let's make it as painless as possible. >> tennis wick, the director of permits in sonoma county has seen business triple in this office the last year. that was before the fire storm. since then and an ininfluential of home owners and contracting companies waiting to rebuild. >>s in a much longer process than they think. they need to be patient. >> now some relief from sonoma county. a vote by the board of supervisors to spend $23 pl by hiring an outside firm to exclusively handle the
9:47 pm
repermitting of burned homes. they'll be setting up in a one stop office complex beginning next months with an 8-day turn around. >> our goal will be to do a lot of work over the counter. >> because niece are rebuilding not everything needs to be rerermted appear. and that makes a large financial difference. a new 1,500 cigar foot home might cost 30,000 to permit right now. a rebuild, $5,000 instead rich. >> if people have to spend the insurance money on permit fees that are above and beyond what is really actionable then that's garbage. >> contractors like troy clemmens liked the idea. he is already working on one building, sees the need for speed. >> if they can truly expedite it that fast to where a contractor can get in and start actually helping to rebuild people's lives, that's- that's awesome. >> that would be one very large small step. in sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. ground was broken today on a new fire station for palo alto.
9:48 pm
city leaders held a ceremony to mark the construction of the new fire station on embarcadero road. the old building built in 1948 is being demolished and a new fire station will be pilt on the same site. this is the first project to break ground in palo alto in the new years. plans to replace the outdated fire house were adopted in 2014. >> the silicon valley starups are racing to leetd the driverless delivery market. they unveiled an deliveriless delivery vehicle. there are 18 secure cargo compartment processment tap a button on your phone to unlock your space. the company with maren the control and the vehicles remotely and allow for human assisted guidance when necessary. >> being able to exactly track where the package is in real time and the fact that it's literally two blocks away being able to reschedule delivery if you have to make a quick run somewhere you can summon the vehicle to the local star bucks
9:49 pm
wherever you are. >> today's drive was supervised by a safety driver. vehicle also not be fully autonomous until regulators relax rules in the next few years expected. they hope to have 1500 vehicles on the road base i 2021. two former google engineering show off the self-driving delivery car, from a mountain view start-up called nero about the size of an suv as you can see but narrower than a typical car. it can be personalized for many deliveries from pizza, dry cleaning, nero plans to have several vehicles on public roads by the end of this year. it's unclear where these vehicles will be located and nero has not announced any companies planning to use them yet. united airlines denied a passenger her emotional support animal a peacock. the woman tried to bring the peacock out of newark airport on saturday. she said she offered to pay for a second seat and claimed sthe
9:50 pm
had a bright right to bring it onboard as emotional support animal. the airline said it told her multiple times before she arrived at the airport that the peacock did not meet their guidelines for a number of reasons including size and weight. >> maybe emotional support but hard to imagine that on a plane next to you. >> not a dog. >> all right. let's update the weather forecast for you. feels like spring. >> things more than spring. at least for the next few days drew. >> for an extent the period. we're talking about warm temperatures. tonight clear guy are skies good viewing for the super blue blood moon. and a lunar eclipse we when the earth moves between the month and sun and the earth's shadow gives the moon a reddish tint color. look to the western horizon. best time between 5:00 and 6:00 you do not need special viewing glasses. look towards the western horizon you will see the reddish glow. of course use the hashtag abc 7 now and we'll see the pictures.
9:51 pm
upper 30s to low 40s tonight. delta fog main i clear. perfect viewing conditions for the lup ar eclipse tomorrow morning. ands a mild day here mid-we can. accuweather seven day forecast shows mild temperatures continue through the we could where temperatures rise to the 70s in a lot of spots away from the coast and little change into early next week. >> i always call it playing hooky weather. >> seven day stretch. >> oh. starting a could have. >> i feel it coming on. as soon as i saw the forecast judge my fever rises along with the temperature. >> it hit me. >> i don't know if i can go on right now. >> so true. >> i should just leave and get hot tea. >> i'll do sports larry. >> might be better than me. absolutely pathetic and sad. what am i talking about? the warriors talking about the game tonight. this is like a utah jazz
9:52 pm
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> good evening after beating boston in a pab nba finals preview on saturday. the wear years began a road trip in utah with a dud. the jazz scored early on often and then scored late and often. sparky and his brother jazz to the occasion. the warriors maybe blinded by the flame throer. look at ricky off the back board to rudy gobert wearer down the whole way delay thomas cut the deficit to 6. joe ingalsp six of eight. kevin durant highlight here. just to prove he was there. he had 17. but blow out alert. plo out alert 37 rubio drives for two of the team high 23. he was drafted ahead of steph
9:56 pm
remember. warrior worst loss of season, losing by 30. 129 to 99. and some bad news for cleveland cawvs for kevin love broke his left-hand tonight. expected to be out for the next six to eight weeks. love was selected to the all star team but the cavs underachieving all sorts of drama there was speculation he might be traded as part of midseason overall you could frrgt about that for now. so the ice. sharks brent burns tossed a fan a puck and the hockey fan resourceful. there it is. 1-0 in the second. and we are tide at 1. sharks on the power play. joe pavelski. right place right. 2-1 people teal. fine seconds of the period burns a no look pass, and that back fired badly. ties at two apiece and to the third martin jones, come on.
9:57 pm
you can't -- that's bad. that was malkin again. the ha trick for him as the sharks fall 5-2. super bowl 52 matches graft the greatest quarterback agains nick foiles to a hook over when carson wentz got hurt. the ultimate irony. foiles could be the 10th back upquarterback to lead it to victory. brady in the 2001 season in a bit of emotion you don't see foles talked about the impact his daughter has had on him. >> when i think about this journey and everything i get home and i -- dang -- i get to see her. there is some day she looks and wants to know who her daddy was and what he did. that gives you juice to go out whenever you are tired doing things the rightway way, i think about that. because i know she is growing up and i want her proud of her
9:58 pm
daddy. >> that's sweet. loves his baby girl. redskins stole some super bowl thunder today. they have agreed on a deal to acquire alex smith from the chiefs for a third round draft pick and player to be named mp mr. smith's arrival in washington means the redskins say goodbye to kurt kit rowe cousins. he agreed on a new fewer-year contract, $71 million guaranteed for alex smith. and the chiefs go with pat mahoney a at quarterback next year. good to be alex. abc 7 sports 37 brought to you by toyota. >> and he was ours a while. >> he was. and then kansas citys and now a washington red skin to be. >> thanks. >> all right breaking news now the chp if in the process of closing all westbound lanes of the richmond sand rafael bridge of a moeky fire in richmond. >> from what we know the toll booth is being evacuated there. a shelter in place is in effect for several blocks around the sims metal recycling facility on
9:59 pm
>> that fire broke out after 5:00 and still burning. we'll have the update on the abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel seven and on twitter within owe and with that i'm deon lim. >> hope to see you again in one hour.
10:00 pm
- [narrator] the following program is based on a true story. some of the names have been changed. the program contains reenactments. - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone. the real donnie brasco. the mafia put a contract on my head, but i've got stories to tell.


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